About The Practice

We are a small, office-based, family medicine practice. It's located on the oceanside beach in Metchosin, British Columbia, which is one of the thirteen communities that compose Greater Victoria.

Pineapples are a symbol of welcoming

Free And Welcoming

  • Free Medicare healthcare, with no 'executive health' buy-ins. Everyone deserves the same gold-plated healthcare.
  • Open and safe to all peoples regardless of age, gender, sexual orientation, culture or language.
  • Fully accessible for people in wheelchairs, crutches, or walkers.

Light-filled clinic rooms

A Sense Of Place

  • A modern, bright office in a pastoral beach acreage setting, to make visits positive experiences.
  • Integrated growing of plant-based whole foods into the surroundings, promoting healthy eating choices.
  • Located in the countryside on the edge of a major city, to allow quick access to services.

Family enjoying nature at the office


  • Help people live healthier, so they need fewer future physician visits.
  • Appointments availability kept to usually within one working day, via a right-sized patient panel.
  • An appointment-only practice reduces patients' time in the waiting room.

Seniors in the outdoor waiting room

Patient Affordability Through Lower Costs

  • Running the practice in part of a home avoids maintaining separate buildings that are empty half of the day. Medical home, indeed!
  • Electronic records allow cheaper patient copies, while avoiding maintaining warehouses of paper charts.
  • Providing service closer to home minimizes patients' driving expenses and lost worktime, while promoting aging in place.

Sandy beach in front of the office

Environmentally Friendly

  • Electronic charts instead of paper.
  • Reduced carbon footprint by using: passive solar heating, high-efficiency heat, and ocean as moderating effect.
  • Daylight for primary lighting, with LED light supplementation.

Dr. O'Connor examining a newborn

Full Service

  • Medical services of: prevention, chronic disease management, treatment of new issues, mental health, pediatric and geriatric care, women's health, palliative care co-ordination.
  • Procedure services of: removal and biopsy of concerning skin lesions, joint injections, ear syringing, suture and staple removal, medically-indicated injections, adult vaccinations, foreign body removal, cryotherapy and electrocautery.
  • Other services of: notary public and medical reports.