Family physician locum opportunity

Locums are welcomed. Slots are available year-round, with flexible time periods.

Clinic rooms provide space for families

Attractive Facility

  • Fully-equipped modern office with five spacious clinic rooms, plus individual doctor office rooms, all with windows.
  • Peaceful ocean vistas.
  • Spend lunchtime down on the beachfront.

New Royal Bay high school near the office

Family Friendly

  • Safe location for a family.
  • For children, there are nearby walkable/bikeable schools, as well as full gamut of after-school hobbies.
  • Unemployment is low, and in typical times is nearly zero, which allows spouses a job of choice.

Kayaking, launched from the office's beach


  • Do the medical service you wish to do. Innovate your desired efficiencies.
  • Your time when not in office is protected, to charge up for a proper work/life balance. If you need days for something, take it.
  • Time for comprehensive appointments helps improve outcome, which also increases job satisfaction and keeps stress low.

Out front, at the end of the rainbow

Smart Finance

  • BC has attractive remuneration packages for family physicians. 25%/75% split.
  • Competitive tax rates in BC. Metchosin property taxes are low, and increases are below inflation.
  • Attractive place for a home that's likely to increase in value, maximizing primary-residence capital gain exemption.

Laptops run the latest version of OSCAR

Helpful EMR

  • Office is on OSCAR, which is the most popular EMR in BC.
  • No paper charts. All historic paper documents are properly filed in ordered PDFs. Digital faxing.
  • Full online digital access to PACS medical images and inpatient records if needed.

The office team

Medical Supports

  • Efficient, experienced office managers ready to help.
  • All medical specialties right near by in Victoria. Experienced GP physician colleagues and registered nurse on the team. Multiple nearby walk-ins to help, and ER/hospital 14 minutes away.
  • Rock-solid locum coverage support: a physician in the community provides coverage if needed, plus we have an attractive place for other locums as well if ever needed.

Examining an ear in the office

Practice Efficiency

  • Fully managed patient panels, so ready on day one.
  • Patients arrive easily and early to enjoy the oceanside, and can park right outside the office, so appointments flow on time.
  • All patients are known, with past histories completed.

The 'Welcome To Metchosin' sign

Pleasant Community

  • Similar to Woodview, California, in this purposely-rural-on-the-edge-of-a-technology-hub community, people are happy since they are all living here by choice.
  • The urban community around Metchosin is the fastest growing in BC, since Southern Vancouver Island is a desirable place to live. The local school district is the fastest growing in BC.
  • Metchosin is a community where one can forge good relationships with kind neighbours, but still have access to the amenities of a nearby city.

Oranges growing in the office's climate

Prime Location

  • International airport is 37 minutes away with direct flights to most destinations. Victoria airport to Vancouver airport is 11 minutes. Helicopter/floatplane flights from Victoria harbour to Vancouver harbour is 30 minutes.
  • The local Mediterranean climate is the most favourable in Canada, as per Environment Canada's lowest 'misery index' of total yearly amount of cloud, sleet, snow etc. Year-round training homebase of many of the Canada Olympic teams.